Renting Vs Selling - A better Option?


Are you thinking about moving and wondering whether you should sell your house or rent it? Most of the time, the decision is not as easy as it seems. Many big decisions in life are not easy to make and one such decision is when it comes to decide whether you should sell or rent your house. Are you worried that you will make the wrong financial moves? Just relax! Here are some important points to consider that will help you in making the best decision and can find out Flat for sale in Rawalpindi


Remember! Deciding on selling vs. renting your home can have a long term involvement. Therefore, take your time in planning to come up with the best decision.

Sell ​​your house or rent it?

Which of the above options is best will depend on many factors. You must consider them and weigh them against your personal choices to find which is best for you. The first consideration is the current value of your house. It will be helpful to note the current listing prices of houses that were recently sold in your neighborhood. Once you have completed the current analysis of the market, estimate the value of your property. Several other factors which you need to consider when deciding to sell or rent your house include

  •         Local market conditions.
  •         Your financial situation.
  •         Your plan of housing.
  •         Federal and State income taxes.
  •         Current and projected prices of homes.

Are you planning to move permanently?

If you are going for a few years and plan to come back then it will be better to rent your house instead of paying a sales commission to sell your home and purchase another.

Check the future market of your home

If you are not satisfied with the current value of your home then renting out the home can provide you some income while you wait for the value of your home to increase. If the value of houses in your area are increasing rapidly then it is smart to wait. Some housing societies guarantee that the market will get stronger in the next few years. If you are living in such a society and you feel that the value of your home will increase significantly then renting will be a good option.

So, what's great about selling?

The benefit of selling your house is that it provides immediate capital that can be used to purchase another home. Selling your house can provide you with capital that can be invested somewhere else with the benefits of a higher return. Consider all factors of selling vs. renting your home including your target retirement date, your age, and your personal financial goals. For me, equity capital appreciation and cash flow are very important.

We all have heard stories about rental properties being destroyed by tenants. Such practices are observed in several cases and in most cases due to the landlords who chose / give provision to wrong tenants. The main thing in rentals is that they are neither easy nor simple. It requires a lot of research, time and experience to find the right tenants. Therefore, you should give proper time in choosing tenants. If you are lucky enough to find a good tenant then it can be a great investment as you will make money every month.

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