Tips for Preparing a House for Resale in Islamabad



Selling a house in Islamabad can be a painstaking process because the characteristics of the real estate market of twin cities indicate that supply always exceeds demand. In this case, the only option left for the seller is to lower the cost so that the process of selling a property can pick up the pace. There are many options of plots for sale in Rawalpindi


Are you looking for a potential buyer to sell your property in Islamabad?


Does your house fulfill all the requirements of a competitive property, but still isn’t attracting a lot of customers?


Here are some quick tips that can facilitate resale of your house in islamabad 

  1. Make your house more remarkable by distinguishing it from others:


Either it is a new roof or high-grade windows, a little investment will only increase the value of this house and will help to improve the aesthetics. One thing to ensure during this process is that any amendments done must be practical and reasonable for cost-effectiveness. Small steps of renovation, for example, replacing the outdated kitchen faucet or updating the central heating system, can substantially add to the house’s value. The house can also be painted a certain ‘light’ color, which gives it a fresh look. 


  1. Remove the clutter and organize the bedrooms a little more thoroughly:


Before showing the house to prospective buyers, all the extra clutter must be removed. The reason behind this tip is that when buyers come to see a house for sale, they usually end up imagining themselves in various rooms of the house. For this purpose, some furniture can also be set aside so that the rooms seem bigger than their original size. Putting up a house for sale in Islamabad requires people to showcase the interiors, and if your house is filled with personal possessions, it would be a real turn-off for potential buyers. Specific attention should be paid to living rooms, hallways, kitchen, and garden. 

  1. Enhance the outward appearance of the house:


It is a common observation that sellers tend to overlook the curb appeal and outward impression of a house. This results in the diminishing interest of the buyers even though the interior of the house may be up to the mark. The important point to remember in this regard is that the first thing a buyer sees is the external appearance of a house, its approach, and the way it fits into the neighboring area. 


  1. Your house must be in a ‘readily available’ or a ‘move-in’ condition:


Although the aesthetics are equally important, all the doors, electrical and plumbing fittings, should comply with the latest building regulations. The idea is to show the prospective buyers that they can move in within a short period. The necessary property inspections should also be completed, which are in compliance with your area’s standards. 


  1. Pricing strategy should be well-thought:


It is essential to price your house appropriately no matter how many amendments and renovations you do, especially regarding the properties in Islamabad. For this purpose, you can always consult your local real estate agencies to see what comparable houses in your area are going for and get their help for commercial properties for sale in Rawalpindi. It is effective to set a price lower than the comparable houses because this strategy will attract the customers at a faster pace. Once the deal is final, you can always negotiate the price. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of building a house is higher cost and longer time frame. Although you can limit the risk that your house will go over budget by contacting a professional and well-reputed builder and choosing a lump-sum contract. By substituting different fixtures and materials with affordable products, you can save a lot of money. On the flip side, regardless of taking all the necessary measures, you need to spend a lot of time first to invest your precious time until your house is built completely.

 As far as an already built house is concerned, your real estate agent can facilitate you in negotiating the best deal possible. On the contrary, many buyers remorse if they end up not liking their home’s floor plan. Owners also have to spend money to remodel the house according to their desire.

Well, even if you start your land search to build a house, you may end up buying a house. Conversely, if you start to search established property chances are you may plan to build your own house. In either case, you need to find a professional real estate agent that will guide you through the process of building or buying a house.



If you meet the requirements implied by the above tips and set a reasonable price, it will increase the odds of your house getting your house or residential property sold in Islamabad. 


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