Pakistan real estate forecast and investment options - 2020


Interested in buying or renting a property in any country or even a city? The simple solution is to check the real estate forecast of that particular Properties For Sale in Islamabad and get an insight into the real estate market trends. 

It is undeniably true that Pakistan's real estate market is considered as one of the main investment opportunity for investors to earn more since it offers several attractive projects. However, due to the unstable economic and political conditions real estate market has observed a sudden dip. Therefore, it is crucial that before investing in the real estate sector one must have an idea regarding coming year market trends. 

The year 2019: Brief round up

The year 2019 is undeniably a good year for the real estate. In this year several real estate reforms were introduced by the government. For instance, the government reduces the flow of black money into the real estate sector by introducing FBR rates equivalent to the actual worth of property. Additionally, construction and housing sectors are promoted more by giving leverages so that more people invest in this industry.

The government has also signed a contract with their long-term friend china that is known as CPEC. This trade route will serve as a gateway to multiple opportunities especially in the sector of the real estate market. Additionally, due to CPEC, many Chinese investors are also interested in investing their money in Pakistan. So, in a nutshell, 2019 can easily be considered a successful year in the real estate market.

The year 2020 forecast

As the preceding year, most likely the year 2020 will also see tremendous growth in the real estate market. One of the key development in the Pakistan real estate market is the launch of another state of the art project that is Bahria Town Peshawar and DHA Islamabad.

It is not a hidden reality that whenever Bahria town launches a new project it greatly affects the real estate sector. As the names Bahria Town is trusted widely and is considered a top priority while investing in real estate, many investors are willing to invest in Bahria town Peshawar as well. This will open the gate to new employment opportunities as well.

Have you wondered living in a valley that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and magnificent waterfalls? If yes, then the year 2020 is the lucky year for you. DHA has launched a project in Islamabad the city known as the fruit garden of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the launch of the Master Plan in Gwadar that is CPEC is another major development that will play an important role in the elevation of the real estate market. Sangar housing scheme is a GDA project that only offers a lavish lifestyle but serves as a great opportunity for investment in Gwadar.

All the taxes and amendments in the property rates made by the government are very clear and therefore buyers and sellers know about how to invest their money safely.

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