A Narrative essay on “Your best achievement in life" - Tips & Sample


Narrative essays as the name imply involve the narration of a story, event, or happening. Just like all the other types of essays, the narrative essay is also based on the purpose of writing. The purpose of the narrative essay as well as the way it is written makes it different and unique from all the other types of essays. Professional writers such as the one offering online services like an essay writer say that the words of a good writer in the narrative essay should speak out loud to attract the attention of the audience at the very first glance. 

Beginner writers, as well as students, are not good at narrating stories to convey their point clearly to the audience. This is the reason most of the students are found asking their friends or other class fellows to write their essays. Apart from that some of the students request assistance from others in writing effective narrative essays. For instance, I recently heard a fourth-grade student telling her mother “Mummy, help me Write my essay because this time I want to receive a good grade in my English course”. However, it is the prime responsibility of the teachers as well as the parents to help Beginner writers in improving their writing skills and in identifying the ways or tips that can help them write effective narrative essays. 

Writing effective narrative essays is not that difficult. According to a professional writer, a good essay writer is the one who prepares the points before starting the writing of the essay no matter what type of essay it is. This shows that detailed planning is required initially to write effective material. 

Tips for writing effective narrative essays

Mentioned below are some of the tips that will have will help in writing effective narrative essays:

  1. As previously stated, planning the essay is very necessary and holds great importance in writing effective narrative essays. Planning of the narrative essay can be done in the form of preparation of a detailed outline. This outline should incorporate all the main ideas that you aim to include in your narrative essay. 
  2. While narrating the story or event or any happening make sure to use clear ideas as well as simple and clear words. The reason behind this is that the basic purpose of writing essays is to convey the points to the readers. The use of difficult words or complex ideas will lack the essay in its ability to convey the ideas to the readers effectively and in an easy way. 
  3. Always keep the readers or audience in mind while writing the narrative essay. This will help in effectively conveying the points to the readers as you will be aware of the ways that attract the attention of your audience or readers the most.
  4. Select a topic that is attractive and interactive. Keep in consideration your own interest as well as the interest of your audience while deciding the topic of the narrative essay.

Sample Narrative essay on “Your best achievement in life”

There are numerous happenings in our lives. Some of those are regarded as achievements while we call others or regard others as failures of our life. No matter whether that is an achievement or a failure, the person who has struggled for it never forgets it. I have been to different opportunities in life. Some of those opportunities resulted in success while others did not. Even the failures of my life provided me with a lesson to remember for the rest of my life. However, there are some achievements that motivate us and encourage us to achieve more. One such best achievement of my life is the day when I graduated from my university and was awarded a gold medal for the distinction position I held for the entire 4 years of my education. 

Winning that gold medal was not an easy task. Essay writing service still remember the time when I used to spend my days and nights learning and when I was not even able to take out time for my lunch. I would not like to take the credit on my own as it is just me who knows the people who contributed equally in helping me achieve this success in my life. The consistent support of my parents and the way provided by my elder sister were the things that helped me throughout the journey of this achievement. There have been numerous situations when I got disappointed or discouraged because of life events. But I found the helping and encouraging hands of my parents and my siblings always behind me. 

I still remember there was a time when I got mentally stressed because of the pressure of my studies. I was not able to properly concentrate on my studies because I was mentally disturbed. At this time I needed A companion who could assist me or provide me with emotional assistance. During this time I found an all-time companion for my emotional support i.e. my emotional support cat. I used to call her “dizzy”. No doubt she also contributed equally to the success of this achievement of my life. Without her, I was not able to consistently achieve excellent grades that led to the gold medal. This was the best achievement in my life, an achievement that has and will always boost me and encourage me to achieve more in life.