Standard Part of an Annotated Bibliography – Guide


The modern education system requires you to prepare different academic documents throughout your time in high school and college. Sometimes it is very easy to prepare one while most of the time it is almost impossible. It is only because you need to follow several rules in a precise manner and later incorporate those in your assignment. Whether you want to write my essay, research proposal, research paper, or annotated bibliography – you do need to follow certain principles.



If you do not have enough time to read about the principles then do not worry this post will present different rules that you can follow to prepare an annotated bibliography. Academics have devised certain principles but their understanding is very difficult. It would be a lot easier for you to follow all those principles and prepare your designated assignment. Before you start writing such an assignment you should know that certain parts must be present in your bibliography.



Standard Part of an Annotated Bibliography

In simple terms annotated bibliography is a description of a source about a given topic. First, you should know your topic about which you want to collect sources only then you would be able to write a description or annotation about it.


Citation information

It is an important part of your bibliography where you need to cite the information or full bibliographic reference. You can add a source by following the citation method of MLA, Chicago, APA, or AMA. Once you are certain about citation style then start writing intended details. You should know that the sequence of information changes and mostly depends on the citation method. In the end, you can include a conclusion about a citation as well.


Purpose of annotation

 Merely writing a description is not your main purpose, rather you need to find something unique from the given source. You should know the purpose or central idea behind all the references. All sources should be linked with a central idea where you would justify your position. The central ideas may include a thesis presented by an author, argument, findings, or conclusions.


Content of annotation

You should know how an author has developed an idea in his article. The best way to do that is to critically evaluate a source with possible limitations, research methods, aims, and scope. If you are confused about the content then you can get help from a professional free essay writer working online, you just need to find the legit one.


Elements of annotation

Irrespective of the type of citation style you should know how many types of information is needed to include in an annotation. The information in your annotation may include the author's information, purpose, bias, conclusion, justification, time frame, and significant attachments. Make sure that each annotation is written precisely so that a reader can better understand the topic.  


Length of annotation

Generally, one annotation should be written within one paragraph as you need to write about every mentioned source. The ideal word limit for one paragraph is from 150 to 300 words but not more than that. However, if your professor has given different guidelines then you should follow them accordingly. If you want to get a free annotation sample then there is no better option than an academic essay writing service. You can ask a legit service to give you a sample so that you know how such an assignment looks like.


These are some important parts of your annotated bibliography assignment. By following these you can prepare an excellent assignment. Just make sure that you follow all the aforementioned rules to get good grades. But keep your options open and if you get stuck then contact a professional essay writer.  




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