Sudoku and computer science, why programmers love this logic game


Successful programmers know that programming requires more than skills. In fact, your success is highly dependent on technical knowledge and social skills. Programmers need critical thinking and perseverance to create complex programs or code that works properly. You can achieve this after failing multiple times.

Sudoku is an international game that programmers love to play due to its fantastic benefits. Just as programming cannot be accomplished through guesswork, Sudoku requires focused discipline to find puzzle solutions. Sudoku and programming look different, but they have similar characteristics. This article explains why programmers love this puzzle game.

1. Improve your problem solving skills

Every programmer's toolbox requires problem-solving skills. Many developers focus on programming languages, syntax, and learning to code, but they don't solve problems. However, problem solving is one of the principles of the programming industry and should be obsessed with by all programmers.

Ultimately, your goal will be to find solutions to various problems. After creating programs and writing code, you must troubleshoot any problems that arise. This may not be easy, but it must be done because even the smallest errors can seriously affect programs.

Playing Sudoku gives programmers the skills they need to solve problems. As they find solutions to challenging puzzles, they gain knowledge and develop techniques to solve coding difficulties. The patience and perseverance you learn while playing Sudoku are also essential factors in programming.

2. Measure your knowledge

Everyone in the world, including programmers, must have a goal in mind to be successful. Goals motivate programmers to regularly expand their skills. The more specific and concrete it is, the stronger it becomes. Having a goal in mind is the first step you must take before you can physically manifest it. It is your beliefs that make your goals come true.

By playing Sudoku puzzles, programmers can measure their skills. The Sudoku puzzles contain different levels of difficulty, from easy to very difficult. As you continue playing, you will get to know your skills based on the levels you can deal with and improve your skills. That's what programming is all about. Developing code and understanding some languages ​​can be difficult. However, the more you try, the more you improve your skills and abilities and create the more complicated application.

3. To sharpen your memory

Staring at complicated sequences of programming instructions all day can mess up your brain. This clutter of information in your head can make it easy for you to forget simple things. While this may not be a problem for some programmers, it can significantly affect the progress of your programming.

One of the ways that programmers can damage your memory is by multitasking. While most people consider it one of the most effective soft skills, it is not very beneficial for your brain. Research conducted by Stanford University over a decade found that people who handled multiple types of media at the same time performed worse on simple storage tasks. To minimize multitasking, the researchers advise changing your work habits and using memory-enhancing techniques.

That is exactly what web Sudoku puzzles do. They make your brain think of solutions to problems that you need to find to solve the puzzle. Solving puzzles requires sharp focus and concentration that is not easily achieved when multitasking. When programmers concentrate on playing Sudoku, they gain valuable concentration skills to help them focus on programming. They can also improve their memory by playing Sudoku. However, this must be accompanied by healthy meals, exercise, and adequate sleep.

4. Transmit independence and self-motivation

To develop solutions effectively, you must be motivated. Independence and self-motivation are skills that create balance and help you tackle tough jobs and meet deadlines. You have to take deadlines seriously if scheduling is your career. That's because they improve the business and make it profitable. Programmers need to work independently on projects without being supervised.

Playing online Sudoku puzzles can help you achieve the self-motivation you need for your career as a programmer. To avoid wasting time solving puzzles, players set time limits for completing the puzzle. These limits motivate them to work and think more. Other than that, they also work unsupervised, but they motivate themselves.

When you work remotely, you need to communicate with your colleagues about the progress of your projects. That also requires independence and motivation. Playing sudoku is an initiative you can take to meet deadlines.

5. Learn perseverance

It is not easy to code a program that works the first time. Developers must try several times to keep a website or application running smoothly. This may require different approaches to find solutions. Also, you may need to know how to combat and deal with bugs. One way to do this is to focus on the challenge, not a sign of defeat.

Mistakes can be like puzzles. Deleting them can be frustrating and boring. However, once you get over them, you will feel like you have accomplished something. Similarly, solving puzzles requires several attempts before finally reaching the solution. Sometimes you even need to take a break to freshen up and come back to the puzzle later. If you don't persevere long enough, you may not have a solution. You can apply the skills you acquired by solving Sudoku to programming.

6. Build enthusiasm

One of the reasons people play is to experience the fun it offers. After a busy day of programming, unwind with a puzzle and eliminate the excitement that comes with it. The brain releases endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of happiness when something has been accomplished. Therefore, playing Sudoku can instantly satisfy your mind. However, if you want to experience this quickly, you may have to play with simple puzzles that are easy to solve.

Bottom line

Programmers love to play Sudoku because it shares some similarities with programming. This includes teaching problem solving skills, sharpening memory, strengthening independence and motivation, and promoting endurance. These are the qualities that every programmer needs to be successful in the programming industry.

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