Annotated bibliography writing hacks that would impress your professor in minutes


Do you have an upcoming research paper? Well, good luck. You are going to need it a lot. Writing a research paper is a horrifying task. However, it gets pretty easy when teachers divide into small baby steps like research proposal, literature review, annotated bibliography, rough draft, and finally the final draft, the research paper. If you have done all the steps according to the provided instructions, you will be able to write the research paper in no time. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a tough spot.

Do you have to write an annotated bibliography? Do you have no idea how to write an annotated bibliography? Well, do not worry, it is quite simple. Just keep on reading this blog and I promise you that by the end, you will be able to write an annotated bibliography that would impress your teacher, you can also take help from essay writing service for more guidelines.

Before we move on, you need to know what is annotated bibliography? Well, as indicated by its name, it is a sum of brief annotations of bibliographic sources that you have been planning on using in your research paper. It would include a brief summary of the respective source, highlighting the main arguments discussed by the authors, in-depth analysis, and its usefulness and relevance for your research paper. After completing this, you not only get familiar with the topic but almost completely figure out the arguments that you are going to make in your research paper.

Do you not know how to find good sources for your annotated bibliography? Well, do not worry, you can take help from your friend, just like I take help from my friend towrite my essayThis is your time to ask for help. If he is not able to help you could ask your elder brother. Half of your work is done if you have found the right sources relevant to the topic.

Do you want to impress your teacher? Who does not? Of course, every student does. Well, for the sake of this blog, I will provide useful hack and tips that you can use to impress your teacher by writing an excellent annotated bibliography.

The remaining task of annotation won’t be a big deal for you if you have been a good essay writer in college. Using your essay writing skills, you need to briefly introduce the source, summarize it, analyze it, and describe its usefulness to your research paper.

Gathering resources

By using peer-reviewed articles and other credible sources, you can impress your teacher. Do not worry about the length of the periodicals, you can get an idea about its main argument and relevance to your research by reading the introduction and conclusion. Try using a university database or writing center to collect sources. You can also use Google scholar to find credible sources.

Provide correct citation

Teachers are very annoyed by incorrect citations and formatting mistakes. Therefore, you should make sure that all references are according to said style. In the case of APA and MLA, do not forget to add hanging indents for references longer than one line.

Make sure each annotation has the following element

  •       Correctly formatted references according to the given citation and formatting style
  •       A brief summary of the source
  •       The main argument discussed in the source
  •       A brief analysis of the source and the evaluation of the credibility of the information and arguments presented in the source
  •       Source’s usefulness for your research

Always proofread

This goes for all your writing assignments. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes indicate that the writer was not fully concentrated and did not even bother to give the text a second read before passing it on. Therefore, your annotation must be error-free.