How to Write an Interesting Short Story?


If you want to opt writing as a profession and career start writing with a short story. This is the best start as it reveals several dilemmas, obstacles, and other questions that you will face while writing a long piece of fiction. There are many online services on the internet such as  essay writing service  which offer their services on this topic. 



Writing a short story helps to practice the art of bringing a writer's own techniques and not the imitation of his favorite writer. 


A short story is fictional piece of writing which deals with a few characters and is shorter in length than a novel. A short story usually aims to convey a single effect with a few significant scenes. 


Before you start writing a short story according to the best essay writing service there is a whole process of coming up with an idea of a great and worth sharing story. The process includes:


  1. Recognize the idea - A story starts somewhere. Think of a memory or a situation with a person, tension, problem, fear, or conflict that will be the basis of a story. 
  2. Write - Write a rough draft of your ideas without worrying about the mistakes in grammar or being cliche. Just develop a plot.
  3. Come up with characters - Build your characters from people around you. Think or inspiring and quirky characters and give them an appearance, attire, emotions, voice, and habits.


Writing a short story involves some simple steps get makes you short story captivating for your readers. This is how a short story is written:


  1. Read before you write - you should have inspiration before you start writing. Go through short stories that reputable writers have written to see how they play with words and what techniques they use. Instead of mimicking them come up with your own impressive techniques. Many writers are known for their works especially in shot stories like Franz Kafka. Read their work before you start writing. 
  2. Set an aim - Aim for people’s hearts. Make your writing that will strike people’s hearts and emotions. Think of things that will move your readers. Usually, they are moved by love, revenge, crime, justice, freedom, redemption, tragedy, and a great sacrifice. Come up with a story that has these elements. 
  3. Know your scope - a short story is usually written in a narrowed scope. This is because of its limited length. Keep your story stick to the main character, avoid using unnecessary descriptions, and present limited and important scenes.
  4. Use an attractive title - your title will make your readers motivated to read. Make it interesting. 
  5. Use classic structure - a classic structure first get the main character or hero into trouble and presents how we managed to get out of it. This can make a great story.
  6. Backstory - just point towards the backstory of the main character or the plot without elaborating it. This is to develop a story and understanding about the character and the circumstances.
  7. Short stories short - you know that the word and the length limit are restricted so choose to add sentences to your story that have meaning and are to the point.  Do not go extra in your short story.
  8. Draft a satisfying ending - All is well that ends well. Avoid giving forced endings to your stories. Make the ending meaningful. This doesn’t require an explicit description but rightly pointing to the scene will be enough. 


Short stories can be fun. Even if you want to be an essay writer start with writing short stories to bring fluency in your work. You will come up with many websites like cheap essay writing service that write papers for you for free that can provide you with a lot of short story samples.