Things I would like to know at prom

It's that time of year again that graduates don these caps and dresses to walk across the stage and receive the document they've been working on for 18 years: prom. This is a time when parents proudly rejoice at what their child has achieved, and 18-year-olds celebrate it in freedom.
Every year around this time, I can't help but look back at my life. Yes, I have regrets, things I wish I knew, or advice I listened to instead of thinking I know everything. Don't you hate when you finally realize you don't know everything? I think the hard truth is probably the hardest part of my day (yes, I come to this realization every day).

So after overcoming the depression of learning about my past mistakes (with a cookie pack), I decided to offer my advice as a graduation gift to all those young people who are about to become independent. Here is a list of what I really would like to know or hear.

For those going to college, take this seriously.

Okay, I know this is college. It has to be one long party with a sleep break, right? This attitude will be the end of your college career, or at least set you back a few years. The sooner you realize the importance of what you are learning and actually pay attention to it, the better for you. I don't know how many times I say to myself now: "I wish I had paid more attention (fill in the gap) to the lesson, then I would be much better at this." Physical education lessons are pointless. Trust me, it is not.Every class you attend will haunt you when you are on your own. Be mindful to make the right decisions in life.

Don't skip class, no matter how tempting it is. The stupid misconception that some of us always have is that we all know why we should be in class? I'll just come to the tests. I can't say enough how gross this is !!! Okay, I went to the lecture. And it is very important that after listening to the lectures, write a lot of written papers on the lectures. This will help you which is very helpful in writing. This way you will discipline yourself for college education.

For those who continue to live, take this seriously.For those who go straight to the working world, my advice is to do what you do with your best effort. You need to write and write an essay better and using the case study help you can easily succeed. I can tell you that one of the most frustrating things for me is graduating from college and finding someone doing the same job at a higher level because they have experience. You can be that person. Chances are, you will quickly find out the value of the money. My advice: save, not have fun.

Learn to use your time and resources wisely.
If you learn this now, your life will become easy. If you learn to use revise my essay to see you write your essay. This way you will learn how to plan first in school and then you can organize yourself for graduation.After all, the hardest part about graduation is that you no longer have grumbling parents who keep you in order, manage your time, put your clothes away, etc. I had a friend who was a master at this in college. She planned her day so that every minute counts. It sounds corny, I know, but she was a child prodigy. Believe me, you do not want to suddenly realize the importance of this at the age of 30. Studying with a husband and children and at an older age is much more difficult.

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