Truths like fists: phrases that should never be pronounced vol.i



Of course, it is good that we are taught good manners and everything else, but I think there is a set of phrases that some people use to get away from trouble and leave the person they are addressed is even more annoyed. When the end of the year comes, people usually make decisions to lose weight, quit smoking, save money, etc. In the past two years, my solutions were completely different:


1) stop silent about things and be more direct;


2) if someone is angry with me, and I do 3 attempts to resolve the issue, and he answers "nothing", I take "nothing" as an answer and leaving this person;


3) If I'm angry with someone, and he says: "I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm angry." To these decisions, I did not immediately immediately write that it would be better to understand yourself.


4) I have a lot of problems now, and I want to focus on myself. I'm sorry: or translated, I don't care if you have any problems because of me, I'm going to continue to focus on my world. Usually it utters a person who created you a problem and who seeing that the solution to this problem exceeds its limit efforts to get out of it, gives you this pearl, for which I can come up with only one solution: send a person to a line without a return address. It's when 2 days ago you promised to help with , and Immediately before their building, a person suddenly turned out to be a lot of problems. You hoped, remained without help, also received such an answer.


5) On postcards or in the descriptions of a third party, someone goes and says that such something and such a friend of his friends. Obviously, he is a friend of his friends, who else could he be friends with? This is another one of those wonderful phrases that do not speak absolutely nothing, but people consider them nice.


6) Do you sleep?: Obviously, you are asked about it when you sleep, and a person stops shaking you, only when he manages to wake you up to say: "Oyyyy, sorry! Keep to sleep, keep sleeping, I just wanted to ask , but you sleep further, I will ask later "that not Only angry you, because they just woke you up, but also because they woke you up and left you thinking about what they say will now expect while you sleep. These are those phrases that usually annoy me most if you think about it, I will be glad to comment on them in this new category, which I called "Truths like fists." And a few more useful resources for you:

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