Topic: Research Paper Parts you must know - Guide 2021    



Along with writing a proper with academic perfection, the other thing that you must keep in consideration is the presentation of the paper. If you have write my papers issues in the research paper, then it can be covered by dividing the research paper into parts so that it not only brings clarity but also make it interesting for the reader. Presentation of the paper in form of parts would be effective in making a positive impression.


A research paper is like a building that is made up of different constituents and blocks. By missing any single constituent, your research paper would not be as impressive as it should be. Below mentioned are the parts that must be made part of a research paper.


The introduction is the main part of the essay that defines the direction of the custom thesis writing. This is like a general overview of the thesis, so it should be clearly stated and the purpose should be easily understandable.  Although this is an introduction it should be written at the end, when you have completed the research paper. By writing at the end, you would be able to write the summary more effectively. That is up to you whether you write in initially or in the end but writing at the end is preferable. In the introduction, make sure that your constituents like genera, presentation, your actual area of focus or your purpose of research, and most importantly your stand on the issue that how you perceive it.

Purpose of the Paper

The purpose of your paper should be amply clear. This would set the tone of the writer and reader. The write my essays question/problem doesn't need to have a long statement. Your overall paragraph should be so well crafted that the reader doesn't feel perplexed.

Except for the last line of the introduction, your introduction should be the advocacy and like a top to bottom approach. It should be so well crafted that the reader can himself/herself assume that what would be the research question in the last line of the introduction.

A Statement of Intent from the Writer

Statement of intent is primarily to give the reader the overall view of the paper. In this part, giving context that was developed from the literature review should be defined. You are free to elaborate that what triggered you to start research on this topic. The query should be essay writing service by a statement of purpose. The third constituent in this part of the research paper should be a very brief summary and your version.


This is relatively an easy part of the research paper because this is your experience of how the methodology was developed and performed. The methodology of researchers varies from each other so it cannot be replicated for any other research purpose. Your methodology should be so clear and authentic that anyone who wants to verify your claim can do it with same precision.

For data collection, if you have used a survey, carrying many questions then you may attach it in the essay writer. You have to keep everything open for all.



This part is entirely dependent on your objective research. Presentation of the result may carry because in quantitative research, data and numerical results are represented but in the case of qualitative research, the focus should be on broader discussion rather than discussing niceties. You may change or alter the traditional method according to your requirement. Details should be in the appendix for greater clarity. You just don't have to jot down results rather your input and comments are necessary.

These results can help you to initiate the overall discussion. The result section should e neutral and unbiased. Your opinion would be part of the discussion part of the research paper.


This is the section where you will analyze the results and interpret them according to your understanding. The discussion should be like a continuation of the ideas in the introduction and any experienced essay writer is aware to ensure coherence. Your interpretation of data should address the thesis statement directly. You have to use the interpretations as your arguments of advocacy of your thesis statement.


This section should be repetition of the idea of the introduction. The idea should be the same but not the wording. Here you have to show your creative skills of writing. Along with discussing the results, the focus is on providing a way forward. Often the recommendation section is the online dissertation writing of the research paper. Here discussion should be on the stumbling blocks that hampered your results.

Reference List

Every paper must contain a reference list where all sources should be added. Referencing should be in the same citation style. It should not be indifferent citation styles. The writer of any online writing service is aware of this small but crucial aspect.  Without this section, the issue of plagiarism, lack of diversity, and authenticity would be the ultimate fate

If you can add all these parts to the research paper, then you have done a great job.