Poster: "How to Write an Effective Essay for College"

When writing a reflective essay, the title page and the past experience should be the same. It should make up less than 10% of the entire essay, so that it doesn't take up too much space. The main body is the next part and should include the thesis statement. The thesis should contain the past experience, and it should be included in the title page, as it serves as a hook for your reader. If you're writing a reflective essay about your personal experiences, remember to tell the story of the event to help you.

As with any essay, the body of a reflective essay should follow a certain structure. The thesis statement, or thesis, should be the main topic of the essay. It should be as descriptive as possible. Throughout the body, it is important to keep the chain of logic and the topic. The subject and the should be interested in the topic. It should also contain the student's point of view, a fact that he or she learned something.

The body of a reflective essay should be divided into four parts. The title page should include the past experience, the abstract, and the references. The latter part should be the thesis statement. While the former two parts of the essay should be the same, the body section should be shorter. The main body of an argumentative essay should be about the event itself. If it's an experience that is personal, it should be included in the title page.

The body of a reflective essay is often the hardest part of the essay. It is important to be descriptive, describing how the experience affected the student. The purpose of the body is to help the reader gain insights about a person. The body paragraphs are the main part of the essay, so it's important to make it as interesting as possible. Once the outline is complete, students can write the body paragraphs. It's important to write the body paragraphs in a logical order.


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